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Sometimes I get into discussions with people who like to remind me of what I am missing by living in Small Town, USA, instead of Metro or, God help us, ITP in the ATL. The restaurants, they say. You don't have any great ones. (Smiles and wags finger)NOT YOURS!

Tucked away behind a Stallion gas station in a strip mall in a middling part of town is a delightful nugget of epicurean civilization called The Sassafrass Grill. It's like stepping into an alternate universe from the mundanity that is Rome, GA. The decor is classy, tasteful, and warm, the music coos Norah Jones and Etta James at you, and the waitstaff is courteous and professional. And then there's the food.

I hadn't had Snapper in years and now I know why. The executive chef, a somewhat swarthy Mr. Clean type, explained to me that Snapper doesn't do well if it has to be frozen, so most restaurants won't stock it. They get theirs fresh, never frozen. I had forgotten how amazing Red Snapper was. They make their own sauces, and each was a revelation. Even the Tartar sauce was one of those "So that's what tartar sauce is supposed to taste like" moments. And what truly won my heart was the shrimp bisque, which Tammie had persuaded me not to have but they offered it to me on the house anyway as a sample as a first timer. Oh. My. God. Hot, creamy, delicious, and would be the ideal winter soup for its warming effect.

The meal came with brown & white rice pilaf, asparagus and a salad. I chased the Snapper with sweet tea and a Guinness. There was bread. Tammie had London Broil, and we got out for around $50.

Beat that, ATL.
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