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Going into this weekend, I was stressed out because there was so much going on that I feared I would miss out on whatever was most fun, or lose the weekend for regret of making other choices. In the end, I sent one reluctant message of regret and opted to spend Saturday with my lovely wife at a festival. We needed the couple time. We chose a Civil War-oriented festival organized around the unveiling of a statue of Patrick Ronayne Cleburne (, the Hero of Ringgold Gap, in Ringgold, GA. We got to the festival in plenty of time for the unveiling, but what really excited us was the Highland Games going on in town at the same time that we saw on the way in. It was a very small Celtic Festival in its first year, but the sight of all those kilts milling around town with a throng of Civil War re-enactors made me smile. Bought an "American by Birth, Scottish by Blood" T-shirt to celebrate the occasion.

Then it was back to the Civil War festival. We sat through an intensely detailed account of the battles of Lookout Mountain and Ringgold Gap and Gen. Cleburne's role in both by a park ranger, then found a replica of the Confederate submarine Hunley, and got an education in the mystery surrounding that boat. The guy answering the questions had built the replica and was encyclopedic in his knowledge. I filed away more ACW geekery in my gray matter, but it was only beginning.

As I was on the way to get a refill of cream soda for Tammie, I happened to notice what was going on in the other speaker's tent, The speaker was in a Union uniform and speaking in the role of someone from that time frame. It was a Civil War Dinner Theater (without the dinner)based in Whitwell, TN: I want to put together a group to go see the full show. If you like 19th century period American chow and history presented in an entertaining, funny way, you gotta sign on and come with us. I have even more politically incorrect data in my head. People really should NOT get me started on Civil War issues. I may burst a vein.

When the show was over, we felt satisfied with our day in Ringgold and headed back south to what we thought was going to be gaming night, but the game was canceled. It turned into a very pleasant evening with a Mexican dinner with friends. I also did my first voice-work gig. My friends wanted me to be the intro voice on their World of Warcraft podcast. Maybe someone will hear it and a career will be launched. Who knows?


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