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Animal sculptures made of radish

Crafted by Masanori Kono, these cute creations are made of grated daikon radishes. Each character looks like an adorable cartoon plopped into a bowl of warming vegetables. By adding these little animals, Kono puts a sculptural twist on the Japanese version of a hot pot dish. Seriously, what's more comforting in winter than eating a bowl of warm food topped by a cute animal? Via: So Bad so good

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an album of cute hedgehog photos

Azuki, the tiny Japanese hedgehog who goes on big adventures. Yes, it's true! This little guy loves to go out and see the world! Azuki recently traded his cozy dream house in for a set of miniature Coleman camping gear and took a trip to the great outdoors! We mean just looking at these photos just makes us want to go and enjoy some nice leisure time with the little guy! He sure looks like he knows whats he's doing when it comes to camping! 

Just take a look at some of his photos from his epic trip!

Want to see more of Azuki? Check out his Instagram: Here

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beautiful animal photos featuring animals

Fearless Photographers is a unique photography directory of the world's best wedding photographers. Every two months, a curated competition is open for submissions from our members. Of these submissions, less than 3% are selected by a panel of curators as "Fearless Awards" - photographs that excel in redefining wedding photography. Here is a selection of the best ones featuring animals. 

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funny list of dogs as main characters

Life is always better with a pet. And sometimes that pet is a dog. And sometime you're watching tv and your favorite show comes on and you think... this would be better with dogs! Well Barkpost decided that these shows are worth a chance! Barkpost writer, Lori Goldman, decided to take the best tv shows we all know and love and fit the perfect dog breed to patch thats character. Here's what it turned out to be...

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Ever wonder what animals go through? Do they have the same anxiety as us? And if so what would it be and what would they say? What is going through their minds?

Well, luckily for us... this video may have some answers we are looking for

*this is a comedic video and all voiceovers are done in a comedy setting

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